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Get the right ammunition for your applications

From a fun day at the range, to three-gun competitions, to Big Game, your choice of round matters almost as much as the gun that shoots it. We provide you with a wide selection of rifle, shot, and handgun ammunition for every type of shooting.


Need hollow-points for self-defense? Perhaps you need match-grade loads for your .338 to do its job properly. Illiana Firearms will deliver accuracy at competitive prices.

Save money and ensure accuracy

Invest in reloading! Do you go to the range on a frequent basis? Maybe you've bought .308 at that other store, and it just doesn't get the shot groups you know you can make. We provide a full line of industry-leading reloading equipment for your custom ammunition needs. Recycle your used brass and start saving money today.

Providing you the best reloading equipment:

  • Shells

  • Presses

  • Dies

  • Bullets

"Why should I reload?"

Not only do you get guaranteed consistency and accuracy, but you save money immediately. You can save up to 66% of your total ammunition cost, once you compare your reloading supplies' costs to the retail price of a single box of ammunition! Tired of looking for elusive 5.56 or .223? Now you can skip those lines and make your own.

  • Casings

  • Gunpowder

  • Primers

  • Media

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